Roop Arinna Fabricators Pvt. Ltd.

Electric Geyser

Mini heat is provided with distinct conveniences and excellent energy conservation. it is an instant heater.

Suitable for public places, kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, nursing homes, etc., where instant hot water is frequently required.

Technical specifications-

Model RAF−EH1
Rated voltage 220v ˜
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Rated power 3kw-5kw
Waterproof Grade IPX4
Rated water pressure 0.6 Mpa
Maximum hot water temperature 55‚centigrade

ARINNA Electric Faucet

Lots of people love the idea of having an instant hot water dispenser in their kitchen Bathroom washbasin, etc..

Arinna magic tap is an Instant electronic water heater tap. Now no more waiting for hot water to flow into your shower, kitchen taps or washbasins. Arinna magic tap will provide hot water in only 6 seconds. It also helps in minimizing wastage of water.

Arinna Magic Tap works on automatic system of auto On/Off, If fitted with ARINNA Arinna SWHS, Arinna Magic Tap will give you the best experience of automation

Rated voltage, frequency AC220V
Rated Power 3Kw 3Kw
Rated pressure 0MPa 0MPa
Inlet water pressure 0.08-0.4MPa 0.08-0.4MPa
Grade of waterproof IPX4 IPX4
safeguard category
Water temperature range 15-75? 15-75?
Heating unit 3000Hrs 3000Hrs

Benefits: - Here are some benefits (features)

  • 1- Economical.
  • 2- Never run out the hot water.
  • 3- Save of water: - All the time of first use of water (in bathroom, kitchen, and washbasin) water is coming cold then you have waste your 2 to 3 bucket of water. This is a huge wastage of water.
  • 4- Save of time: - No waiting for hot water.
  • 5- Save of money: - no need to install the recirculation pump.
  • 6- Easy installation.
  • 7- Easy to operate.
  • 8- Thankless system.
  • 9- Space saving.
  • 10- Eco friendly.
  • 11- Advance technology.